Toronto Earthquake 2010?

I was just in my studio and the walls began to virbrate slowly and the concrete floor beneath me felt more like liquid. I was tripped out and ran into the main studio space and nothing was moving. my roomate was taking a shower and afterwards said that the water stopped and the room got weird for a second. whats going on? is there some super villian tunnelling under the city towards the world leaders at g20? was it felt by more people? i hope no one got hurt, i guess people on the west coast get this all the time. any ways im placing my bets on under world reptiles that ant to observe the G20 in person.

Working on a large drawing 6 by 7 feet! of objects in formation to produce magic spells!
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tomas del balso said...

It was likely 2-4 Richter Scale

feeling an earthquake in toronto is unusual so you can imagine the mystery of it when it happens!

Today on july 23 rd in the afternoon we felt the earth move. i thourght we had the canadian sheild? i thought everything was tough up here in canada. tornadoes? ok, but earthquakes? crazy!!