Always more drawings

rice and beans and jewellerylife grows on life

the spiritual animals, the mask of the priest, the skulls of wisdom
prawn of man

hermaphrodite, afro

the 2d dimension is a parrellel universe that i have access to.
the clouds and the beasts, life everlasting super joy
have to have fun sometimes, go to the beach, wasaga beach

Watched this interesting National Geographic on Feral Children. Its amazing how the human mind is imprinted when so young. Its depressing when these children are abandonned by their parents, so they turn to animal behavours.
Weird dreams about psychic beans, beaming upward light, poetic edifices, charming creatures
the energy is here

I dont know if most artists I know these days are concerned with losing money by having your art online. I guess people can "steal" a piece by downloading it and abuse the image rights. Thats not cool. How come arrt is not like the music industry? Is the world depression affecting art this badly...?

I am happy to upload new drawings for people to see, I hope that I can start generating traffic and meet more like minded individuals. I am putting together books and zines, hopefully soon ill contect my Pay Pal to an online store. To satisfy the requests I get from people.

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